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Six Thinking Hats® in action at mark-making*

At Indigo we are always eager to hear from our clients after their training. The key measure of Indigo’s success is how our customers benefit from the practical use of our Creativity, Communication and Project Management training. Here is a … Continue reading

Have your cake and eat it – Nurture the best talent and save money

Recent talent research points to fantastic savings that can be achieved whilst ensuring you retain the very best talent in your organisation.  Figures from the Association of Graduate Recruiters, for example, show if a business can increase retention from 50% … Continue reading

How loud is your Leadership Vuvuzela?

You are probably asking yourself – how does the Vuvuzela relate to leadership? Well, during the Thought Leadership workshop Robin talks about one of the fundamental principles of leadership: amplification. Some leaders do not realise the power and affect their words and actions have on others in their organisation. Because of their position, everything they do is amplified and then analysed. This is especially true in times of uncertainty. This amplification effect is not always fully understood. But to be a great leader you need to embrace it and use it effectively. Continue reading

The de Bono Weekly Message – Do you recognise this problem?

The human brain is designed to recognise. I described in detail how the brain does this in my book “Mechanism of the Mind”. The leading physicist in the world liked my book and commissioned a team of computer experts to… Continue reading

De Bono Update – All governments need a minister of thinking

New Delhi: Sell them to Playboy,” said the amiable 77-year-old guru of lateral thinking, Edward de Bono, after posing for pictures against a colourful backdrop at a Gurgaon hotel recently. The veteran creative thinker (and qualified physician), who believes that “thinking” must be taught as a subject in schools, was in India and spoke about his big idea for India in this interview. Continue reading

Edward de Bono Meets Thai Prime Minister

  BANGKOK, 6 March 2010 – Originator of Lateral Thinking, Edward de Bono yesterday met Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva at the Government House. He praised Thai government for the proclaimation of National Creative Economy Policy. Read more at http://

Think on Your Feet – LIVE!

For many people uninterested in politics, this way of viewing candidates may lead to people voting for the politicians communication skills – not thier policies. So for a masterclass in Think on Your Feet® plans in action, watch the debate to see Think on Your Feet® LIVE! Continue reading