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Mission Impossible?

You don’t need to look at many company websites before you realise that most organisations claim to be creative. Their bold mission statements are very clear – being ‘creative’ and ‘innovative’ is what sets them apart from their competitors.

But how seriously do they take creativity?

The majority of organisations don’t have creative departments, teams or systems. But they are not going to mention their efficient accounts department in their mission statement (accountancy firms excluded!). Creativity and innovation not only drives the value you deliver to your customers, but inspires them to buy from you in the first place.

Can you actively manage innovation at your organisation? Can you be more deliberate and systematic? Emphatically – ‘YES’.

Indigo apply Dr de Bono’s methods to help organisations:

• Focus their creative efforts in the right direction
• Come up with new, more interesting and inspiring ideas
• Select the best ideas and put them into action – innovate

Mission Possible. Call us to find out more…

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About Richard Evans

Richard Evans is Head of Marketing and Operations for Indigo Business Services, a UK based training and development company operating internationally. Indigo is a Distributor for de Bono Thinking Systems®; and exclusive UK Distributor for MDC Training and the Think on Your Feet® suite of training solutions. Richard has been a Chartered Marketer for over 15 years, having worked for a diverse range of commercial, not-for-profit and charitable organisations.