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The de Bono Weekly Message – Creativity and the Risk Factor

Too often people think of creativity as being concerned with new products, new services and new markets. All of these imply a risk factor. So in difficult times people tend to reduce their creative efforts.  It could be argued that … Continue reading

The de Bono Weekly Message – Two Functions of an Organisation

There are at least two key functions in any organisation. The first function is continuity. This means keeping things going as they are going. That includes solving the problems that arise and interfere with the continuity. Most executives see this … Continue reading

The de Bono Weekly Message – Computer Analysis

There is a growing tendency for corporations to feed all available data into a computer. The computer analyses the data and this shapes the strategy of the corporation and makes decisions. This is a dangerous tendency because thinking is locked … Continue reading

The de Bono Weekly Message – Creativity

As I have mentioned so often the word ‘creativity’ in English is too broad and ranges from creating a mess to painting a masterpiece. The emphasis is on ‘bringing something about’. At the same time repetition does not qualify. So … Continue reading

The de Bono Weekly Message – Property Market

When the property market is falling buyers tend to wait until it falls further. Why buy now when you can get a lower price in a few months’ time? So the market falls further because some people need to sell … Continue reading

The de Bono Weekly Message – Credit Crunch

You may trust a person’s honesty – but can you trust that person’s intelligence? This may have some relevance to the current credit crunch or banking crisis. We can pick out at least five factors contributing to the problem and … Continue reading

The de Bono Weekly Message – Six Frames For Looking At Information

My most recent book is “Six Frames for looking at information” (Ebury Press, part of Random House). We are surrounded by ever more information. How do we look at information? It is like being thrown into a swimming pool of … Continue reading

The de Bono Weekly Message – EU Year of Creativity

“I understand the year 2009 has been announced as the EU Year of Creativity. I hope this is going to include creative thinking and not just the arts. I have offered to give a free seminar in Brussels to EU personnel … Continue reading

De Bono Weekly Message – Thinking through a problem

Because we often consider ‘thinking’ to be problem solving we do not think much about matters which are not problems. If there is a wide open road ahead of us we do not stop to consider the side roads. This … Continue reading

De Bono Weekly Message – Youth Gangs

I have recently had serious meetings both in London and Johannesburg with people concerned with youth crime. There are two things which everyone needs. They are ‘significance’ and ‘achievement’. In today’s world the only way a youngster can get these … Continue reading

De Bono Weekly Message – Creative Task

If you spend a lot of time thinking about things in a creative way then the time is not wasted even if specific ideas are not used. You build up in your mind a reservoir of concepts and possibilities that … Continue reading

De Bono Weekly Message – Information

Many corporations believe that it is enough to collect all data on their computers and then to analyse this data. This sets strategies and makes decisions. The process can be very competent and relieves executives of these complex tasks. But … Continue reading

De Bono Weekly Message – New Combinations

Why do buses have fixed routes? The answer is very obvious. People like to know where they are going. It would also be impossible to design a new route to satisfy all passengers. Perhaps there could be special bus stops … Continue reading

Tough times call for a creative approach…

Globally the financial markets are in freefall.  The sub-prime crisis has hit banks now, and is threatening to affect many other industries and sectors over the coming months. I friend of mine working in an investment bank, with the absence … Continue reading

Avoiding the pitfalls and risks with project management!

I recently came across a series of quotes regarding project management and thought I would share them! In essence, they take a humerous angle to the potential risks with project management. Enjoy! – “A badly planned project will take three … Continue reading

Good Communication – the most important aspect of staff recruitment and retention..!

I read a recent survey of recruiters with interest. In essence, the conclusion of the survey on companies with more than 50,000 employees, cited communication skills as the single most important decisive factor in choosing managers. The survey, conducted by … Continue reading

Edward de Bono in Bahrain – Maximising Creativity and Lateral Thinking to Deliver Strategic Success.

Bahrain-based Addax Bank has been announced as the headline sponsor of the one-day Edward de Bono conference in the Kingdom on June 1. De Bono will appear live and in person to present Maximising Creativity and Lateral Thinking to Deliver … Continue reading