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Mastering Skills

Watching the Masters golf over the weekend, and putting aside the Tiger Woods controversy, I was fascinated with the precision of the player’s shots.  When going for the hole, they are hitting the ball the length of a football pitch or further, AND getting within inches of their target.  This is a very visual demonstration of the application of skill.

So what is skill? One excellent definition is:  “the learned ability to consistently bring about a pre-determined result”

Implanting this definition into the business world and thinking about Indigo’s range of training workshops, I want to focus you on the key words in this sentence:

  1. LEARNED – Yes there is natural talent at play, but you acquire new skills by breaking down the sets of behaviours that make up that skill and learning how to apply it for yourself. Have you seen a great communicator or creative person at work and thought – how can I learn to be like that?
  2. CONSISTENTLY – At the heart of consistency is practice. Without it, you will never be able to re-produce your best on a regular basis. When you have your moments of brilliance are you ever left asking – why can’t I do that all of the time?
  3. PRE-DETERMINED – Luck… there is only one type when it comes to skill – Labour Under Correct Knowledge. When was the last time you got asked a question and wish you were better prepared to respond with more precision and persuasion?

Indigo’s workshops are extremely practical and based on years of combined Business Leader experience. They help you master the skills of:

  • Creativity – have ideas “on demand” that solve your personal and business problems and help you generate new opportunities.
  • Communication – deliver precise, powerful and persuasive business communication that gets your message heard.
  • Project delivery – get things outside your normal day job done. The successful delivery of projects gets you noticed and is often a fast-track to career success.

Call a member of the Indigo team now to hear how you can master these skills for career progression and recognition.

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