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How loud is your Leadership Vuvuzela?

Indigo’s Robin Ryde is delivering his renowned Thought Leadership workshop in London today. Through a combination of years of research and natural flair for business insight, Robin is at the forefront of the leadership discipline.

If you have watched any of the world cup in South Africa (or any news programme!), you would of heard the Vuvazela in all its glory. Reports tell us it reaches 127 decibels – louder than a chainsaw. And, most significantly, much louder than the human voice.

You are probably asking yourself – how does the Vuvuzela relate to leadership?  Well, during the Thought Leadership workshop Robin talks about one of the fundamental principles of leadership: amplification.   Some leaders do not realise the power and affect their words and actions have on others in their organisation. Because of their position, everything they do is amplified and then analysed.  This is especially true in times of uncertainty.  This amplification effect is not always fully understood.  But to be a great leader you need to embrace it and use it effectively.

So how, as a leader, do you make sure your words and actions make the right impact?  Robin’s workshop gives you practical tools for taking your team on the journey with you. He teaches you to be a leader who can walk into a room, guide their team with their thinking and then leave the room with everyone feeling stronger, more positive and energised to achieve their shared purpose.

To find out how loud your personal Vuvuzela is and to discuss how to engage your team’s hearts and minds, please contact us.


If you are looking for Leadership Development?   See Robin’s brand new workshop “The A-Z of Leadership” – CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS


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