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Lean thinking and creative thinking comes to life with Simplicity

Leaders in the public and private sector are being driven to do more with less. On the surface this does not seem to be rational. Surely the best we can hope for is doing the same with less?

Since its introduction in Japan, lean production has been proven to work time and time again. Lean principles are extremely valuable, and can help you do the same with less. But a more modern take on this approach is to adopt creative thinking and lean thinking at the same time.

Dr de Bono’s Simplicity methods allow you to capitalise on cost saving, and also apply the Lateral Thinking™ techniques for serious, well planned and expertly delivered creative thinking.

It is important for all organisations to revisit their core purpose – the reason for their existence. Using Simplicity™, you can then focus on how you add-value, where you add-value and when you add-value to your customers.

During the training workshop, the 10 Rules For Simplicity are drilled home. My two favourite Rules For Simplicity are:

1. Know for whose benefit simplicity is being designed

Is the simpler process going to benefit the system or the operator of the system? How are all the different parties going to benefit from the simplicity? Simplicity for one party may mean complexity and cost for another.

2. Design simplicity using alternatives and possibilities.

By itself analysis can help toward simplicity but is not enough. Analysis can help shed unnecessary features but cannot, by itself, generate new designs. Alternatives and possibilities need to be generated with creativity – and can then be assessed.

Learn how to truly do more with less.

Call Indigo now to bring Simplicity to life.

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Richard Evans is Head of Marketing and Operations for Indigo Business Services, a UK based training and development company operating internationally. Indigo is a Distributor for de Bono Thinking Systems®; and exclusive UK Distributor for MDC Training and the Think on Your Feet® suite of training solutions. Richard has been a Chartered Marketer for over 15 years, having worked for a diverse range of commercial, not-for-profit and charitable organisations.