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The de Bono Weekly Message – Two Functions of an Organisation

There are at least two key functions in any organisation. The first function is continuity. This means keeping things going as they are going. That includes solving the problems that arise and interfere with the continuity. Most executives see this as their main function. Keep things going as is expected of them. Solve the problems that arise.

The second function is that of change and growth. Occasionally this function is included in the first one. If the market is growing then continuing to do the same thing means growth as well. Often, however, this second function is different and requires a more creative sort of thinking.  The first function may be led by the chief operating officer.

The second function should be led by the chief executive. Too often, however, the chief executive is too busy with the first function to have much time, energy or motivation to attend to the second function. In any case he, or she, has reached the chief executive position by being excellent at the first function. There may have been no experience at all in the second function.

Edward de Bono, 1st December 2008

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