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Think on Your Feet – Tell ’em, tell ’em and tell ’em again!

For all you past Think on Your Feet delegates here is a little tip for those crucial elevator  conversations we have with the boss!

Remember the Standard Format in Think on Your Feet? It is based on a proven media technique that says: tell ‘em what you’re gonna tell ‘em; tell ‘em; and tell ‘em again! 

But what if your sound bite is only a minute? Isn’t this too much ‘telling ‘em’? If so, try what we call the ‘informal’ standard format. For example, if you are asked: “Rebecca, what do you think about this proposal?” and a quick answer is expected, say something like:

“I support the proposal, and for several reasons. First, it supports our business plan. Second, we have skills to do it. And third, we can do it within our budget. So, yes, for all these reasons I say we should do it”.

No need to get hung up on the formality of the full standard format. After all, it is a media technique, and the media rule is: Adapt to circumstances.


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