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Raise your productivity

Practical ProjectsBy Trish Thurley, Master Trainer Project Management

“UK productivity gap widens to worst level since records began – growing gulf means UK workers produce significantly less per hour than G7 average”. The Guardian, Feb 2016.

It’s a real concern for UK companies hoping to compete in a global market post-Brexit. In his book ‘Productivity Through Project Management’, James A. Ward (May 2007) asserts that productivity has always depended on competent project management.

Honing your skills in project management is a sure-fire way of: doing more with less… less time, less resources and less money. Whether an everyday, off the side of your desk or larger-scale project.

Invest one to save 20!

I strongly believes that the thinking tools inherent in project management save me up to 20 hours in a typical week when investing just one hour. This invaluable investment also:

  • Reduces stress.
  • Ensures you work smarter, not harder.
  • Avoids letting people down, you simply get stuff done.

Here are my five top tips on increasing your productivity on your everyday projects:

  1. Invest quality time in setting a clear goal – write it down.
  2. Be clear what ‘successful’ and ‘finished’ looks like.
  3. Set achievable small steps in priority order.
  4. Remove distractions (phone, pop-ups, social media) and power through the small steps – making sure you can focus on the top 5 priorities.
  5. Reward yourself when you achieve them!

Developing your project management skills:

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