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Lean project management – isn’t that the point?

When an organisation needs to make a strategic improvement, it needs to flex its project management muscles.  Good project managers get to work defining and planning the project – identifying key deliverables.  The deliverables are the benefits that will be derived from the successful implementation of the project.
Now I am certain that, at this crucial scoping point of the project, no-one takes the opposing view to the Lean principles and says: “let’s make this project as expensive as possible, take up huge amounts of time and not deliver the value to the organisation and its customers”.  Surely, every organisation wants to deliver projects as efficiently as possible with excellent results???

Herein lies the problem.  Every organisation wants to do this, but most do not usually know how.  It requires creativity.  There, we said it.  The discipline of project management, which is often perceived as a ‘hard skill’ and filled with templates and Gantt charts, needs creativity to be delivered with a lean approach.  Does your organisation know how to take creativity seriously and come up with new ideas?

Edward de Bono’s Simplicity workshop applies Lateral Thinking tools to come up with new ideas to streamline process and projects.  It’s a value-based model that delivers not just a ‘lean philosophy’, but also systematic methods for turning this into a workable solution.

Stop just talking lean, and get your organisation down the gym.