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About Ragini Krishnadas

Ragini Krishnadas is an Events Coordinator for Indigo Business Services, a UK based training and development company operating internationally. Indigo is a European Distributor for Edward de Bono, MDC Training and the Think on Your Feet® suite of training solutions. Ragini has a full honours degree in Law however after finishing her studies she followed her passion and has worked in the Events/Training industry in a range of commercial organisations. Ragini lives in West London and is a fully trained classical Bharatanatyam dancer who enjoys performing arts and teaching others.

Ever wanted to just get up and walk out of a meeting?

By Ragini Krishnadas Meetings consume huge amounts of time for most of us, our customers tell us that these are often the least productive elements of their day. “That was so worthwhile!” When was the last time you walked out of … Continue reading