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Think on Your Feet: 3 Steps to Success – Top Tip No. 3 – Remember the rule of threes to stay on track.

Think on Your Feet - the verbal communication workshop

In our last couple of blog posts, we discussed ‘trigger words’ that enable you to craft the appropriate response and take control of your situation.

Tip No.1 – Listen before reacting.
Tip No.2 – Identify triggers to know how to respond.

Our final ‘Top Tip’ is this series looks at when we are subject matter experts and get wrapped up in too much detail. If we are passionate, our emotions override our logic and we ramble.

If you need to say more than a couple of words to make your point, try focusing on the rule of threes to keep you on track. Give the quick answer and support it with no more than three points.

For example, an executive stops you in the hall and asks what’s new and exciting in your department. You could say “we’re keeping busy” and hope they don’t ask more questions.  Or you could launch into a detailed description about all your great ideas and risk boring your audience.

Your best option is to say that you are working on some exciting ideas and then briefly share the top three. Move from one key point to the next and you will sound organised and confident.

It’s not the only way to communicate but experts know it is one of the most memorable ways to deliver a message. Remember Goldilocks and those Three Bears?

Practicing these tips will make brain fog disappear, whether dealing with off the cuff questions on your feet or on your seat.

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Not many people relish the idea of dealing with tough questions.  But once you have a structure and a coping mechanism you can turn these situations to your advantage.

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