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Think on Your Feet: 3 Steps to Success – Tip No.2 – Identify triggers to know how to respond.

In our last blog of this series, (see Tip No.1 – Listen before reacting), we discussed listening skills, to gain understanding before reacting. The example we used was when you are talking to your team about implementing a new process and you hear “Why is this company always making things more complicated”.  A good listener will acknowledge that change can be challenging. If spoken with sincerity it will help move the conversation in the right direction.

TOP TIP – No.2:  Identify triggers to know how to respond.

Let’s say the reaction to your query is “I am already busy enough, I don’t have time to deal with this”. You could launch into a defensive and emotional brain dump. Or, you could identify the triggers in their language and react effectively.

The trigger in this situation is “I”; they are only focused on how the change is impacting them. Their perspective is narrow, so to get them on board you start broadening their perspective.

Shift the focus from their individual problem to the broader solutions being offered to support the initiative, and the big picture impact the new process will provide for everyone.

If your argument is credible you will find your audience slowly but surely moving to a new and more productive perspective.

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