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Bridging the Oil & Gas Project Management skills gap

Project Managers needed in the Oil industry

It was in 2012 when the first-ever skills summit, backed by Oil and Gas UK, took place in Aberdeen. This came off the industry body’s 2012 demographics report, which highlighted the need to attract more skilled and experienced ‘mid-career’ workers.In the study, by accountants PwC, it was noted that Aberdeen needed 120,000 recruits if it is to realise its full potential.

Dr Alix Thom, the UK Oil and Gas employment and skills issues manager, said: “We’ve known in the industry for some time that there exists a ‘skills gap’ – where the demand for experienced skilled workers has outstripped the supply… the time has come to tackle this issue head-on if we are to guarantee a long-term future for the oil and gas industry in the UK.”

Not going away…

This skills shortage is still prevalent today.  With a steady decline in interest in engineering at degree / graduate level and a statistical rise in graduates pursuing careers in the financial services sectors during the recession, the need for ‘well rounded’ project managers – with both hard project skills and sound communication, people management skills – is higher than ever.

As Dr Thom commented in 2012, “There are other areas where we need to explore new ideas and agree the best way forward, for example in filling positions in disciplines such as design engineering and project management, which are proving the most difficult to fill.”

What Next?  The Indigo Oil & Gas Industry Project Survival Guide training event

This development need is something we at Indigo have been watching for a while.  We have long been established in Scotland, delivering our Project Management Survival Guide  in our open workshop (for individuals) and customising this workshop for specific companies on an onsite basis.

We are particularly proud to be delivering an industry specific Project Management Survival Guide workshop on the 6th & 7th May 2014 in Aberdeen.  

At this event we are excited to announce we will be joined in a live webinar by Stephen Carver, oil industry expert and Project Management guru, who will lead an interactive webinar on his take on project complexity issues facing the oil & gas industry. See full detials here.

Watch a quick introduction to the webinar here:

Click HERE to watch Stephen discuss Project Complexity & the Oil Industry

Click HERE to watch Stephen discuss Project Complexity & the Oil Industry


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