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Solving moral dilemmas with the Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats

Headmaster teaches pupils "right and wrong" using the Six Thinking Hats

Four different-coloured hats were used to help pupils at a Tai Kok Tsui primary school grasp their first lessons in moral and national education yesterday.

Fresh Fish Traders’ School headmaster Leung Kee-cheong invited parents and journalists to sit in on the lessons as Primary Six pupils learned about the national flag and younger children were instructed on such moral issues as family roles and telling lies..

… Media flocked to the only primary six classroom to observe how teacher Ken Sze Chi-king would tackle a lesson on the flag and flag-raising ceremonies.

Sze, who usually teaches Chinese and is co-ordinating the programme, used four hats to symbolise objective, critical, emotional and optimistic ways of thinking about any given topic – a technique derived from Edward de Bono’s book Six Thinking Hats…  Read more.

Extract from the South China Morning Post.

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