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Sometimes you just have to speak up…

We spend our lives here at Indigo asking people in business to ‘think differently’, innovate and to challenge their preconceived notions.  So, in a funny way, this blog post may not seem that out of the ordinary.  But it is… because I wanted to share with you some misconceptions that need a rethink.

My 17 year old niece Ella has made it through to the final stages of an exciting new entertainment concept created by Channel 4 called . With the help of experienced C4 mentors and support from the Battlefront community, Battlefronters turn their issues into fully-fledged campaigns and set off on a journey to achieve something incredible; to (hopefully) change people’s misconceptions.

Ellas’s campaign is called Let’s Talk Disability.  See more for yourself at THIS LINK and if possible please ‘like’ or follow her as she strives to smash some of the most common misconceptions about disabled people.

Finally… if you dont think this matters… take a few moments to watch Ella’s amazing sister Nancy on YouTube – Battlefront – Some People Call me a Retard…


Robert Fisher

Director, Indigo.

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