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Presentation Panic! How to Control Your Nerves

Keep calm, breathe & turn nerves to energy.

Keep calm, breathe & turn nerves to energy

Public speaking is a top fear for many people. It’s okay to be afraid as long as you try to keep that fear at bay when you give a presentation. You can be successful and be remembered by your audience. Here’s how:

  1. Do something physical before the presentation – take deep breaths, press your hands together to relieve tension, do muscle-relaxation exercises, take a walk, run on the spot, do aerobics, jog.
  2. During the presentation, concentrate on taking full, deep breaths. Oxygen will improve both your nerves and your voice projection.
  3. Start with thank-yous and housekeeping. Review the agenda. Tell the audience what you’re going to tell them.
  4. Admit to yourself that nervousness is part of doing it. A little “motivational stress” is a good thing. Turn your nervousness into energy.
  5. Surround yourself with friendly people before your presentation. Expert speakers routinely use this technique. By surrounding yourself with people before your presentation, you reduce the impact of switching from being “off the stage” to being “on the stage.”
  6. Most important: the big secret to overcoming nervousness is organizing your presentation clearly. Research shows that the major reason people feel stage fright stems from worrying that they will forget what they want to say – i.e., suffer “brain cramps.”

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Article written By: Roger HB Davies – Think on Your Feet International, Inc.