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Navigating the new normal: getting your message across

Imagine that you have just concluded an online meeting or briefing. Everyone who was in that virtual space heads to the kitchen to make a cup of tea. Their partner joins them. “What was your meeting about?” they ask. Are you confident that your employee will remember your message?

Since the world locked down, many businesses have moved more quickly than they might have believed possible. Necessity has changed the way we work and changed it fast. But after that initial scramble to source enough webcams for your staff, making sure everyone is supported in working from home – how is it really going?

Most leaders and managers tell us that they are proud of how their people have adapted, and how well online platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams are working for them.

That’s great, but it’s only half of the story.

Meetings held online are different to those in person. Many report that they are stressful, and that it’s difficult to absorb information in the same way as we would if we were all in the same room. There’s been some interesting thinking from researchers on this, discussed in this article. (

Whatever the challenges, though, this is the virtual world we are in. So the question remains – how do you get your message across effectively in a different medium? If you pride yourself on your communication skills, how is your presence being diluted – or accentuated – by appearing in a box on a screen?

Thinking on your feet

The communication skills, tips and tricks of our acclaimed Think on Your Feet® programme have never been more important – for you and for the senior leaders and managers in your team. Now more than ever, messages need to be communicated with Clarity, Brevity and Impact™.

  • Clarity – is your message clear?
  • Brevity – are you being as succinct as you can?
  • Impact – will what you say be remembered?

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StepAbout Stephanie Butland

Stephanie Butland specialises in creativity, thinking skills, team development and communication.

Having worked with Indigo since 2004, Stephanie is a Master Trainer in Dr de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats®, Lateral Thinking™ and Focus On Facilitation™ techniques. She also delivers workshops in Think on Your Feet®, Writing Dynamics™ and The Skilled Presenter™ and is a Belbin accredited and CIPD qualified trainer.