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Mastering the art of high impact communication – a journey from ancient Greece, to 17th century France and now to the UK in 2012.

A Discourse on Method - Book CoverIn around 500BC, the renowned Greek Philosopher and Mathematician, Pythagoras, was attributed with saying “do not say a little in many words but a great deal in few”.  A message that today’s business professionals can relate to when listening to long-winded, directionless communication in the workplace.

In the 17th century, French Philosopher Rene Descartes shared his wisdom on effective communication in a book called ‘Discourse on Method’.  Descartes identified three characteristics of excellent communication:

1. Analysis – get to the core of the subject you are about to talk about. This will help you stay clear and concise.

2. Separation – clearly separating one idea from another, your listener can easily digest one point before moving onto another.

3. Movement – arrange your ideas in a logical sequence, so each idea builds on the other – this adds energy, impact and persuasion to what you are saying.

Fast forward to 2012 and on the Think on Your Feet® workshop you learn simple and easy-to remember methods for putting the theory into practice.  The most powerful communicators really do find a way to get across their message without saying too much.


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Richard Evans is Head of Marketing and Operations for Indigo Business Services, a UK based training and development company operating internationally. Indigo is a Distributor for de Bono Thinking Systems®; and exclusive UK Distributor for MDC Training and the Think on Your Feet® suite of training solutions. Richard has been a Chartered Marketer for over 15 years, having worked for a diverse range of commercial, not-for-profit and charitable organisations.