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Is there an elephant in the office? Eat it!


Occasionally you will be asked to lead enormous projects of epic proportions.  Don't Ignore the 'Elephant Project'

The problem is the bigger the project; the more complex they become, in every possible way.  From the number of intended deliverables to the budget, to the breadth and importance of stakeholders; these are what I call ‘Elephant Sized Projects.’

So, what do you do when you find yourself in this position?  Options include:

a)    Call a meeting and spend vast amounts of time debating the importance of the elephant to the business.

b)    Do nothing.  Hopefully people will forget the elephant is in the room!

c)    Delegate the care of the elephant to someone else.  Their problem now, phew.

d)    Eat the elephant in small bites.

As appealing as Options A to C are, they are not a tried and tested formula for long-term career progression.

On Indigo’s Project Management Survival Guide, we teach you to break the most daunting of ‘elephants’ into manageable chunks using a Work Breakdown Structure.  These smaller chunks reduce your stress levels and increase your ability to recognise and reward each step on the way to project success.

According to the a recent Standish Group Project Management report entitled “10 Laws of Chaos”, there is only one way to ‘eat an elephant’ – one bite at a time.



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