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How do you turn a complaint into an opportunity?

Handle complaints with Think on Your FeetNobody likes hearing customers or stakeholders complain.  So here are some suggestions from the globally delivered Think on Your Feet® workshop.

  • First, stay calm and acknowledge the client. Let them vent if they need to.
  • Then ask closed questions to get to facts and give you time to think.
  • Restate the facts to ensure clarity and let them know you are listening.
  • Finally use a Plan to lead to a solution.A Pendulum Plan offers a potential win-win for all. A Triangle Plan could objectively define three options. And throw in a Benefits Plan to explain what your solution can do for your client, not what it can do for you.

And if you don’t know how to handle the complaint, don’t give an explanation that shifts the blame onto somebody else. Instead, use a Clock Plan to create a plan of action to take care of the complaint.

A logical way to resolve a complaint and build good relationships using Think on Your Feet®.

Want to know more about Think on Your Feet®?  Want to understand what these “plans” are?

Check out this short overview here, or drop us a line on +44 (0)20 7924 8760 and we would be happy to chat through how you can get trained to answer tough questions with clarity, brevity and impact.