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Do you plan what you say?

During my career I have received and delivered communication skills training, achieving both effective and candid outcomes. Much of this development has been preparing what I would say in any given scenario – and it’s served me well. However, there is a saying that, “God and the Devil laugh at those who make plans.

Conversations, just like life itself, don’t always go as expected and what I had rehearsed I didn’t always deliver.

Strategy – regain control and show credibility

This is where Think on your Feet® has excelled in providing me with strategies to maintain mutual respect, regain control and show credibility.

Crossing the bridge

The bridging techniques taught on Think on Your Feet®, mean that if I get a difficult question I can think rapidly about what I will say next. I can acknowledge the issue or ask for clarity in a manner that demonstrates I appreciate the point. The result is markedly different to a retort tinged with a defensive or aggressive tone. And this is very important as we often get questions fired at us just to test our knowledge or opinions. I need the audience to remember my key messages, not that I got bolshie with someone. This means I remain professional and respectful and gives me a few moments to consider how I will answer.

I then have the luxury of six proven plans to choose from to create impact in a concise way that resonates with my audience. I’m not floundering, waffling through some ill-thought out response. In essence, it’s less about rehearsing and more about quality thinking.

Thinking before you speak
Think on Your Feet® is the internationally acclaimed workshop that teaches you how to put structure first. On this unique workshop you learn how to create a roadmap for what you’re going to say BEFORE you speak. That way, both you and your listeners will reach the destination. You will say what you need to say without getting lost. More importantly, your listeners will get the message, loud and clear, without confusion. Find out more about Think on Your Feet®.

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Carole Williams is an influential senior manager with over 20 years’ experience in service operations, managing performance development and training across all levels. She is an accredited trainer in Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats®, Lateral Thinking™, Course in Creativity™ and Simplicity™, as well as the communication suite of workshops Think on Your Feet®, Writing Dynamics™, and The Skilled Presenter™.