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Customer service – the make, or break, of your brand.

Business people“Their Customer Service was awful, I’m never using that company again!” – how many times have you heard people say that?

Companies spend thousands of pounds every year on their marketing budget ensuring they portray a positive image of their brand, and attracting the right customers. All of the hard work can be undone in moments, with poor customer service.
One of the most positive traits customer service professionals can possess, is the ability to respond effectively and coherently in different situations.

Every phone call, every email and every interaction with a customer effects their perception of your brand. For customers, the quality of customer service determines whether to buy, and more importantly, whether to remain a customer. To ensure consistency in your brand it is imperative that these teams deliver the highest standards of verbal and written communication. Responses are not uniform, they differ each and every time, but a consistent message needs to be sent.

Our world renowned communication workshops will ensure your customer service departments become the making of your brand, not the breaking.
Think on Your Feet® teaches you the art and science of speaking convincingly and confidently, without relying on notes. You learn how structured thinking turns nervousness into energy. At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Answer questions quickly and coherently, especially when under fire
  • Handle objections positively •
  • Use techniques to identify listeners’ hopes, fears and background knowledge

Customer service representatives not only deal with queries verbally but many have to write responses. These correspondence, both in the form of letters and emails, require word perfect responses, in spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Writing Dynamics™ teaches attendees to achieve written skills of the highest quality while saving them time. It does this by following a special system developed by a team of award winning writers.
The workshop shows how to increase the impact of the written word through selecting an appropriate writing strategy, managing the reader’s attention and using innovative techniques to highlight the benefits of the subject for the reader.

Effective documents require:

  • Shorter sentences for clarity
  • Professional yet engaging language to establish rapport with your reader
  • Compressed information to save time

This workshop offers a complete and thorough review of the writing process to reach today’s reader. It will increase the understanding of grammar and how it can undermine your message if not used correctly. Writing Dynamics™ can be used to tackle every writing challenge, including letter writing, emails, memos and reports.

Please contact us to discuss how we can deliver these workshops to your customer service teams or send individuals to one of our many open workshops throughout the UK.

Claire Davis, Consultant

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