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Your project’s failed – You’re fired!

With the Apprentice TV programme in full flow on the BBC, I could not resist using this headline for my latest blog.  However, this is not an uncommon response in the real world!

Projects can be high rispointing fingerk low reward. Often, if your projects are a success, you are then tasked with a new, higher risk project, with little praise for your success to date! If (as many can be) you have an unsuccessful project, it can be expensive and embarrassing!

The majority of projects fail due to poor communication. Project management is about finding the balance between successfully managing the ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ skills to meet deadlines, budgets and specifications of the project.

The Project Management Survival Guide™ looks at these three areas and refers to the project manager’s trilemma. This is where cost, quality and time (as three separate constraints) are effected and potentially compromised at some point during the project life cycle. The skill comes in successfully managing expectations of the stakeholders and delivering the project taking these constraints into account.

The team of professional project managers training the Project Management Survival Guide™, have a great depth and breadth of industry experience. The programme draws on their experiences and focuses on practical, implementable tools and techniques. Throughout the workshop, you will learn the ‘hard’ skills and theory; then practice these in teams, using case studies, which in turn develop the ‘soft’ skills along the way.

So, if you are fed up with your projects not succeeding, ask yourself why? What can I do about it?

Project Management workshops at Indigo:

Our 2-day Project Management Survival Guide™ workshop will help. Please CLICK HERE to see the upcoming dates and availability for our workshops.

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