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What makes a Best Man?

Be clear, brief and to the point.

Following a delightful break celebrating my parents wedding anniversary this weekend, it got me thinking about my wedding thirteen years ago.

I made some pretty big decisions around that time.  One such decision was ‘who to have as my Best Man’.  So what are the criteria for a good ‘Best Man’?  Of course my Best Man, Andy, was first and foremost a great friend. He was (and still is!) liked by many for being trustworthy, great fun and a witty – but are there other skills you need to master the role of Best Man?

While I understand that there are many different ways to get married today – at some point in most such celebrations, a friend or relative stands up and has to deliver a speech. Knowing this made choosing Andy that much easier, because Andy is one of those people (both personally am professionally) who is able to deliver the perfect message, wrapped in a simple structure with very few words.  He has an uncanny ability to be brief, clear and to the point – perfect for a great Best Man speech, but this skill has helped him tremendously in his working life too.

It struck me that you can have all the technical know-how in a job, but your ability to communicate that expert knowledge effectively is THE biggest factor in career success.