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Do you sound like the expert that you are?

“I know everything there is to know about my product, business and industry”. toyf

We are all specialists and experts in our given field/areas. We can speak for hours on end in terms of what we do, how we do it, where we see it all going and our long-term goals. However, irrelevant of how much we know, are you confident when put on the spot, to accurately describe and communicate key points in a pressured, limited time-frame?

This is where Think on Your Feet® comes in.

Have you ever found yourself standing by the water-cooler and a colleague walks over and says:  “Just heading into a meeting about project X, what do I need to know?”

Or are you in the lift and your boss gets in with you. He says: “I’ve been away the last 2 weeks, what have I missed?”

In both situations we are the experts and will have the information to answer the question(s). However, how are you sure that the listener in both situations has taken in and understood all the information you have given to them?

Think on Your Feet® aims to present your knowledge with clarity, impact and brevity to the audience.

  • Clarity is required to ensure there is no confusion for the listener, they can share your confidence in the subject.
  • Impact means the listener has not only understood the information, but they will remember and use it themselves in their own personal situations.
  • Brevity (speed) is vital due to the situations where the tools are called for (e.g. water-cooler/elevator).

There are many ways the workshop achieves these goals. The key theme is the human brain. This is split into two sides. The left hand side is logic. The right is creative. Think on Your Feet® teaches you to control and structure your answers (left-hand side) and to fill in the structure with your ideas/answers (right-hand side). There are various tools used throughout the workshop which are relevant to different scenarios.

If you ever struggle to deliver a spontaneous response to a tricky/awkward scenario then a Think on Your Feet® workshop is just what you need!