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The Skilled Presenter™ for sales professionals

By Richard White, Master Trainer – The Skilled Presenter™

A successful sales presentation must win over the client in order to win the business. Great speakers and speechwriters know that the three essential elements of effective public speaking are:

  • Logic.
  • Authenticity.
  • Emotion.

The Skilled Presenter™ shows how to use these vital ingredients to engage, excite and convince the client.

  • Logic – The workshop’s planning module shows how to find the audience’s needs and then carefully structure the presentation around them to ensure listeners follow the reasoning and arguments.
  • Authenticity – The audience must believe in the speaker as well as the words; performance is essential. The Skilled Presenter™ shows how to use voice, eyes, gestures and movement to convey the professional, confident image of someone who believes in what they’re saying.
  • Emotion –  How will the audience feel at any point in the presentation? The Skilled Presenter™ will help you to use techniques such as personal disclosure, stories, examples, quotations and well-thought-out graphics – ensuring your audience feels relaxed – confident – excited – wanting more.

Understanding how to use these three elements of logic, authenticity and emotion is key to a great sales presentation that will win the audience and get the business. The Skilled Presenter™ provides a range of tools, techniques and advice to help sales professionals achieve just that. Find out more about the workshop…






More about Richard White
Richard White is a certified master trainer in Writing Dynamics™, Think on Your Feet®, The Skilled Presenter™ and Grammar on the Rocks™. He is also accredited to deliver Dr Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats®, Lateral Thinking™ and Power of Perception™.

He brings a wide range of practical business experience to his training. He has worked in a corporate environment as an engineer, before spending 15 years managing customer service, marketing and sales departments. He subsequently held a senior position on people development programmes in BT. His corporate career gave him both first-hand knowledge of day-to-day management issues and the opportunity to play a leading part in many cutting-edge projects.