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The de Bono Message: “100 Years From Now…”

If we take a hundred year perspective from now, what is going to be seen to be important?What does the future look like?

A lot of things which seem very central and important at the moment will be seen to be trivial and peripheral.

In the days of the railroad barons (and later oil barons) in the U.S.A. there were powerful figures on the landscape. Today they are quaint notes in history. The dominant Bill Gates’ of today will also be quaint notes in history in a hundred years time.

What will really matter are the fundamental shifts in human beliefs, human thinking, human behaviour and human organisation. There is not much happening in these areas. And what is happening is totally swamped by the very transient matters that abound in entertainment, politics and elsewhere.

So can you email me,, with what you think would be in a speculative book looking back from a hundred years ahead?

Edward de Bono – July 2011