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Indigo Business Services Named Exclusive UK Distributor for Think on Your Feet®

RICHMOND, UK, 30 August 2018: McLuhan & Davies Communications, Inc. has appointed their exclusive UK distributor, Indigo Business Services Limited. Indigo will be the sole provider of their suite of business-communication workshops in the UK.

“From September 2018 our 17-year relationship evolves into a strategic partnership. We chose Indigo because we know that they consistently deliver our training programs to the standard that attendees expect from a suite of globally renowned solutions”, says Roger HB Davies, CEO of McLuhan & Davies Communications, Inc. “This exciting move can only assist us in our drive to become the global leader of choice in communication skills training. In my opinion Indigo offers an exceptional delegate experience, being the go-to provider for UK public and in-house workshops for the Think on Your Feet® family.”

Robert Fisher, Managing Director of Indigo Business Services Limited commented, “since I started the business I have been a strong believer in the Think on Your Feet® techniques and the other MDC training solutions.”

“Many of the world’s biggest brands and governments use these techniques, citing them as the backbone to their success.”

“These unique workshops are a perfect fit with our focus on delivering quality people development, which makes a real difference to individuals and their organisations. Think on Your Feet® is consistently ranked 9/10 by workshop attendees.”

Indigo delivers:
Think on Your Feet® – The unique workshop that addresses informal workplace communication, ensuring you think before you speak. Over half a million attendees use the techniques to improve their verbal communication.
Writing Dynamics™ – Helps anyone who has to write at work, to achieve quality and improve their productivity by using a proven system, developed by award-winning writers.
The Skilled Presenter™ – Turns thinking and presentations around by focusing on what the listener needs – delivering what’s useful and memorable.
Grammar on the Rocks™ – Developed by writers and editors to standardise business grammar across organisations.

Indigo deliver public workshops in London, Bristol, Cardiff, Manchester, Newcastle, Leeds, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Belfast and Dublin; and as in-company workshops for groups and teams or accredited certifications for corporate training teams.

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About Indigo Business Services Limited
Established in 2001, Indigo is a leading international training consultancy that helps organisations gain competitive advantage by improving their creativity, innovation, communication and project management capabilities. Indigo’s workshops are proven to deliver exceptional results in every industry and every sector – in over 32 countries.

About McLuhan & Davies Communications, Inc.
For over 35 years, McLuhan & Davies has been the premier provider in business communications training. MDC’s programs have helped thousands of professionals worldwide to think, write and speak with Clarity, Brevity and Impact®. See their press release: