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What is the secret to writing success? Indigo’s writing expert, Richard Spencer, spills the beans…

An exciting mix of private and public sector clients have gathered at Indigo’s 2-day Writing Dynamics™ workshop in London. Everyone at the event is there to improve their written documents. The great news is that they are in the right place with the right person. Their Trainer, Richard Spencer, is Indigo’s writing guru.

Richard writes for some of the world’s biggest and highest profile companies, including Volkswagen, BT and the Hay Group.

I stole a moment of Richard’s time during a workshop break and set about unlocking the mystery around his award winning writing skills:

So Richard, tell me the secret to your writing success.

“There is no secret recipe. It is actually very simple. Effective planning and knowing your audience is the key to effective and insightful business writing. As a professional writer, I spend 40% of my time planning before putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard”

Why is planning so important?

“Effective planning saves you time and ensures your key messages are understood and, most importantly, remembered. It allows creativity to flow and overcomes writer’s block. When you reach the drafting stage, you can then focus your attention on using powerful language rather than getting caught up in re-structuring the document”

And how does Indigo’s Writing Dynamics™ help?

“Writing Dynamics is a hugely practical workshop. It breaks the writing process down into three distinct stages – planning, drafting and editing. Delegates are given practical tools and techniques at each stage. Most importantly, delegates can apply their new skills the moment they step back into the workplace. That is why Writing Dynamics™ is a global phenomenon”

If you are interested in finding out more about Indigo’s public and in-house writing training, please contact us now.

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