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What’s keeping the CEO’s of global businesses up at night?


In this new era of perpetual change, rapid innovation and global competition, it may come as no surprise to learn that recent surveys indicate CEO’s worry most about… wait for it …UNCERTAINTY!

And by this, they mean in terms of:

• Talent
• Globalisation
• Regulations
• Technology
• Markets

Fortunately, this worry does not translate into a pessimistic view of the future. In fact, a survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) recently, says that more companies expect to add to – not cut – their workforces in 2011. Very good news for the global economy.

Q: How are CEO’s hoping to be equip their businesses to face the challenges brought on by such uncertain times?

A: The PwC findings point to an increased investment in talent, primarily in the change management and training development area. After reviewing the findings of IBM’s biannual global survey, its authors’ concluded that organisations need to find new ways of overseeing its structures, people, strategies and finances.

Q: What did CEO’s say they needed most to accomplish these goals? CREATIVITY!

A: CEO’s in IBM’s study said that Creativity is needed to deal with today’s complex environment. To be able to achieve goals in 2011, you should expect to see leaders:

• changing business models
• embracing disruptive innovation
• modifying the status quo

The Institute for Corporate Productivities 2010 survey found these competencies to be the most critical:

• Change management
• Agility
• Flexibility
• Innovation
• Communication
• Creativity
• Empathy
• Team building
• Emotional intelligence
• Collaboration

All very interesting, compelling and somewhat frightening (or at least uncertain). Right?

Q: So, what does this mean for you?

A:  It means you should have answers to three important questions:

1. What am I doing to make sure I have the skills needed to be successful in today’s climate?
2. What skills does my team need to be able to deliver on our goals, shift direction when needed and add value to the organisation when everything is changing around us?
3. What is my organisation doing to make sure our workforce has the skills needed to think creatively and successfully during these uncertain times?

Q: Where can you find some help?

Indigo’s innovation team is standing by to lend you a hand. We make it our business to know what works with building creative thinking and innovation capabilities. Our suite of solutions, help you bring practical, proven and results focused answers to these important questions.

Be certain that you, your team and your organisation are equipped to create success during these changing times. Don’t let uncertainty cause you to lose sleep!


Innovation Consultant