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Want to learn how to survive projects? Free Webinar: 19th Ocotber 2011 – 2pm GMT

We all run projects at some time. It is highly likely that, during your career, you will be given a project to manage. Whether it’s a short, low risk project, or a more strategic, longer and often more dangerous project.

Why dangerous? Well projects are dangerous. They are high risk/high return ventures that can revolutionise the way organisations operate in an increasingly dynamic and changing world.  Project success often leads to praise and promotion but project failure can be expensive and embarrassing.

“Project Management can be a fast track to the top or a gateway to career oblivion.”

To give you an overview of our Project Management Survival Guide™ workshop, we are running a free webinar.  You can watch the webinar from the comfort of your desk on the 19th October 2011 between 2pm and 3pm GMT.

The webinar will focus on three areas:

1.       Some common pitfalls with projects

2.       Outline some ‘blockers’ to running successful teams

3.       Give you an overview of the Project Management Survival Guide™ workshop

What to do now: Booking your free place at this webinar is simple. Follow these three simple steps:

  1. Reserve your Webinar seat now at:
  2. Receive full technical joining instructions from us.
  3. Wait for your email reminders as we approach the webinar and we look forward to hearing you comments on the day.
Recent Feedback: about the Project Management Survival Guide:
  • “Excellent Workshop. I didn’t realise Project Management had so much to do with people Management”
  • “Very Impressed – Excellent presentation. A good mix of information”
  • “Excellent. Very well explained. There was not one moment I was bored”
  • “Excellent! Two days very well spent. Stimulating. Lots of practical ideas and tips”
  • “I thought it was great and will recommend the course to others”
  • “Very Interesting, Good Discussions & practical examples. Excellent Teamwork exercises”