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Thanks for your inspiration Stephanie; Personal. Team & Organisational development

My Indigo colleague and friend, Stephanie Butland is coming to the end of her ‘dance with cancer’.  To celebrate, she organised a party for friends and family at stunning Warren House in Kingston-upon-Thames.  I was lucky enough to be invited and attended on Sunday evening.  It was a fantastic event in beautiful surroundings.  Thanks Stephanie.  Your strength, determination and positivity are a personal inspiration.

Putting the most important reason for being there (Stephanie) aside for one moment… a number of my other Indigo colleagues were also at the party.  Spending ‘quality time’ with colleagues really develops a team ethos and spirit.  However, in the current climate companies are understandably reserved about spending money on lavish team-building events.  At the moment, instant return on investment is needed, and is a necessity to avoid a potential PR disaster.

But what if your team is suffering from poor morale?  Are they being asked to do more, with less? Applying ‘re-integrated thinking’ (something you learn on our Thought Leadership workshop) your company can build morale, enhance team-working and productivity by holding an Indigo training event. 

You can hold the event at your offices, but your delegates may find it more difficult to focus when they are so close to their desk.  So why not speak to your suppliers or customers to see if you could use their facilities?  I know the Indigo offices in London are up for grabs to any clients who wish to take advantage.

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