Can’t beat Tiger Woods? Give up golf!

·         Certain people are born excellent communicators.  Correct.

·         Others are naturally creative.  Correct.

·         I am neither, and never will be. Wrong!

Vital business skills, such as communication and creativity, can be learnt practised and mastered using practical techniques.  People often see media savvy individuals and the communication and creative skills of top leaders as unobtainable – and become resigned to this fact.

Let’s think about this logic…. do the millions of worldwide amateur golfers turn up to play a round thinking “If I cannot get the same score as Tiger Woods I may as well give up”.  No, on the most part they get lessons, practice and improve their game.  They will never be as naturally gifted as Tiger Woods, but that does not mean they cannot get better by learning new skills and applying them.

Communication and Creativity are the same.  Indigo’s workshops, such as Think on Your Feet®, give you practical tools that can improve every type of communication and systematic methods for creating new and better ideas.  If you dedicate yourself during and after your workshop you will improve – and see tangible results.

Don’t give up, get up and learn some new skills – reduce your communication and creativity handicap.


James Arnum-White


tel: 020 7924 8760


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